​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wichita Public Golf Courses offer a variety of leagues for any age and skill level. By joining a league at any one of the five City courses you will always have a golf partner available. Browse our list of leagues to find the right fit for you, then contact the person in charge of that league to inquire with additional questions and sign up.

Scroll down our p​age to see leagues:

Men Ladies Seniors Couples Stableford


​Course ​Day ​Holes ​Contact ​Email ​Phone
​Auburn Hills ​Wed PM ​9 ​Denny Watson drwatson987@gmail.com ​(316) 210-4771
Auburn Hills​ ​Sat AM ​18 ​Denny Watson drwatson987@gmail.com ​(316) 210-4771
​MacDonald Fri - Sun AM​ ​18 ​Ron Rush ​(316) 688-9391
​Tex Consolver ​Sat - Sun AM ​18 ​Mike Baker michaelbaker0708@sbcglobal.net ​(316) 337-9494
​Arthur B. Sim (rotates courses) ​Mon-Fri AM ​18 ​Bob Henson ​khenson1@cox.net ​(316) 721-7636


​Course ​Day ​Holes ​Contact ​Email ​Phone
​Auburn Hills ​Mon AM 18 Paula Schoenecker mrspjs3@gmail.com ​(479) 644-8853
Auburn Hills​ ​Thu PM 9 Hazel Watson hazelw456@gmail.com ​(316) 210-4767
L.W. Clapp Thu PM​ ​9 ​Kent Purvis  kpurvis@wichita.gov ​(316) 688-9341
​MacDonald Tue AM ​18 Candia Smith ​(316) 686-4879
​MacDonald ​Wed AM ​18 ​Cheryl Greiving ​316-744-2335
Arthur B. Sim ​Tue AM ​9/18 Shirley Blick blick15@yahoo.com ​(316) 210-1795


​Course ​Day ​Holes ​Contact ​Email ​Phone ​Registration
​Auburn Hills ​Wed AM 18 Scot Weller sweller@wichita.gov ​(316) 219-9700​ Download form


​Course ​Day ​Holes ​Contact ​Email ​Phone
​L.W. Clapp ​Fri PM 9 Jeannie Logue mpljeanne-jrgolf@cox.net ​(316) 788-6171​​


​Course ​Day ​Holes ​Contact ​Email ​Phone ​Registration
​Tex Consolver ​Wed PM 9 Steve Blaske             sblaske@wichita.gov ​(316) 337-9494​​ Download form​​