Junior Tour

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Tour

The Junior Tour is designed to create a competitive tournament atmosphere locally for the junior golfers in the area. No longer will you have to travel out of town to compete!

The cost per player is $75, which includes a bag tag and towel for juniors ages 10-17. Registration will only be taken online in the Golf Wichita Web Store.​ Age divisions will be utilized to make for a fair playing field, assignment to a division will be determined based on the players age at enrollment. The Junior Tour will consist of 7 tournaments each held on a Sunday. Sta​rting tee times will vary week to week, refer to the schedule below. Each week players will pay a $10 green fee to play in the tournament, players are not required to play every week but are encouraged to do so to help increase their points for the Wichita Junior Cup.

After the seventh week, the Tournament Committee will add players to the championship tournament, the Wichita Junior Cup based on points until each age division is filled. The Wichita Junior Cup will be held at Auburn Hills Golf Course for the boys and Arthur B. Sim Golf Course for the girls. A catered lunch will be offered to all participants. The winning junior will receive the Junior Cup trophy for their age division!

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For juniors ages 10-17.​

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Age Divisions

​​Age Divisions ​# Holes per Tournament Course Yardage​
​Boys ​ ​
​Boys 16-17 ​18 ​5800 +/-
​Boys 14-15 ​18 ​5500 +/-
Boys 12-13​ ​18 ​5000 +/-
Boys 10-11​ ​9 ​2200 +/-
​Girls 16-17 ​18 ​5000 +/-
Girls 14-15​ ​18 ​4500 +/-
Girls 12-13​ ​9 ​​2200 +/-
​Girls 10-11 ​9 ​​2000 +/-​​​

Point System


Point System

Junior Tour tournament points will be awarded to the Top 10 finishers and ties in each age and division. The following is a breakdown of the point distribution for each tournament. Participants that place below the Top 10 will be awarded 1 point.

1st Place = 15 points
2nd Place = 12 points
3rd Place = 9 points
4th Place = 8 points

5th Place = 7 points
6th Place = 6 points
7th Place = 5 points
8th Place = 4 points

9th Place = 3 points
10th Place = 2 points​

​​Tournament Dates

Each Monday, players will be emailed, asking if they will be playing in next Sundays tournament. Players will play the $10 fee at check-in day of tournament. Any player wanting to pay the tournament cost in advance will be sold a Wichita Public Golf Courses gift card with the desired amount, the gift card can be used at check-in of each tournament. To know what time you tee off visit golfwichita.com the Saturday morning before each tournament to view your tee time and pairing each week.

Cut off for Sundays event is 12pm Friday. You are still able to register for the Tour at any time, but each week there will be a cut off for Sundays event due to preperation of pairings and tee times. Thank you!

​Date ​Course ​Cost ​Time
​June 4 ​Arthur B. Sim ​$10 ​1pm
​June 11 ​Tex Consolver ​$10 ​1pm
​June 18 ​L.W. Clapp ​$10 ​11am
​June 25 ​MacDonald ​$10 ​11am
​July 9 ​Auburn Hills ​$10 ​11am
​July 16 ​MacDonald ​$10 ​11am
​July 23 ​L.W. Clapp ​$10 ​11am
July 30 ​Auburn Hills​​​ ​​$10 Wichita Junior Cup (Boys) ​12pm
July 30 ​Arthur B. Sim ​$10 Wichita Junior Cup (Girls) ​12pm

Registration for the Wichita Junior Cup will begin July 24 for all Junior Tour players. Players are not guaranteed spots in the Wichita Junior Cup. Registration will be based on the accumulated points during the tour.

Beginning July 25 the Tournament Committee will add players to the Wichita Junior Cup field based on points until each age division is filled. Each age division will be awarded spots based on the published points, any remaining spots not filled by the points system will be determined by a first-come first-serve basis until each division is full. Entry fees will not be required until players have been added to the field.

Please visit golfwichita.com after July 26th to see if you qualified for the Wichita Junior Cup.​​​​

​​Tee Times and Pairings


1:05 1:13 ​1:21 1:29 ​1:37 ​1:45 1:53 ​2:01 ​2:09 ​2:18


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​Rules of Play

The USGA Rules of Golf will govern all play, as modified by the Tour Committee and will cover the Junior Tour. A rules sheet will be distributed to each player at the start of each tournament. Responsibility to know and abide by the rules are the responsibility of the player. Any local rules will be attached to the tournament rules.

  • ALL participants will walk during competition. Ages 10-11 only, may ride from greens to family tees. 
  • Push Carts are allowed.
  • Distance measuring devices (those measuring only distance) are allowed.

Junior Tour Code of Conduct

Any of the following actions by a Junior Tour player during a tournament or otherwise will constitute as a violation of the Junior Tour - Code of Conduct.

  • Unsportmanlike conduct including abusive language, club throwing, cheating, disrespect of volunteers or staff, or abuse to the golf course.
  • Use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol.
  • Not adhering to the dress code of the facility during a tournament.
  • Any physical abuse of another player or staff in any fashion.

The Junior Tour-Tournament Committee and staff may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the infraction to the Code of Conduct.

  • Issue a verbal warning the player(s) and his/her parent/guardian.
  • Enforce a two-stroke penalty.
  • Disqualify a player(s) from the tournament where the infraction occurs.
  • Suspend a player(s) from a portion of the tour.
  • Suspend a player(s) from ALL remaining tournaments, including the Wichita Junior Cup.

In addition any player that is disqualified from a tournament for gross misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct is automatically suspended from the next tournament. No refunds will be given for suspensions from a tournament.

Junior Tour Dress Code


  • ​Hats or visors must be worn with the brim forward.
  • Golf appropriate attire at all times while on the course. Boy's shirts must be tucked in at all times. No denim, gym shorts or tee shirts will be worn by any player during an event.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Junior Tour-Rules Committee will notify all players by email (collected at registration) if a cancellation is made one hour prior to the start of a tournament. You may call the host course for any additional information.

Auburn Hills (316) 219-9700
L.W. Clapp (316) 688-9341
MacDonald (316) 688-9391

Arthur B. Sim (316) 337-9100
Tex Consolver (316) 337-9494​​​