Adult Golf Lessons
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Professional Golf Lessons for Adults - Golf Clinics
Any lessons cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled. Lessons missed by individuals will NOT be rescheduled.

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2018 schedules will be coming soon!

Beginner Lessons

Our group lessons have been restructured in 2018! Wichita Public Golf Courses is going to make sure you have a great experience in a Beginner Group Lesson! Day one is spent touring the facility and getting comfortable at the course. Days two-four are all about technique, putting, chipping, driving and more. Day five is exciting, you will spend time on the course playing three holes putting everything you learned in the first four classes to use!

At the completion of your Beginner Lesson you will receive five 9-hole green fees FREE in the mail to use all the tools you have learned and enjoy your time at Wichita Public Golf Courses!

​Course ​Date ​Day ​Time ​Registration
​Auburn Hills April 21 - May 19
​9:30 - 10:45am
Class Full​​ ​$60
Auburn Hills​ ​June 23 - July 21
​9:30 - 10:45am Register​​ $60
April 14 - May 12
​8 - 9am Class Full​​ ​$60
MacDonald​ May 15, 17, 22, 24, 29
6 - 7pm
Register ​$60
June 2-30
8 - 9am Class Full​​ ​$60
​Arthur B. Sim
May 9-30​, June 6
6 - 7pm​ Register ​$60

Advanced Lessons

New this year also is our next step classes. Once you have taken a beginner class, you can then move on to and advanced class to continue to grow as a golfer.

Date​ ​Day
Time​ ​Registration
July 10, 12, 17, 19, 24-24​ ​Tue/Thu
​6 - 7pm
​​ Register​​ ​$60
​July 14-28 & August 4-11
​8 - 9am
​​ Register​​ ​$60
​Arthur B. Sim
​July 8-29, August 5
​6 - 7pm
Register​​ ​$60
Date​ Day​ Time​ Registration​
​L.W. Clapp
April 18​ W​ed
6 - 7pm​ Register​​ $15​
L.W. Clapp​ May 8​ Tu​e
6 - 7pm​ Register​​ ​$15

Scoring for Beginners & Advanced Clinics

In this scoring clinic, you will focus on 50-75 yards and in. Hammering down on chipping, pitching, putting, wedges and bunkers. Course management will be the key, you will determine when to use particular clubs (wedges) in certain situations. Why wouldn't you focus on this part of your game, it's where you use most of your shots!

Day​ Time​ Registration​
​L.W. Clapp
May 3, 7, 10, 17, 24
6 - 7pm​ Register​​ $60
L.W. Clapp​ September 7, 10, 14, 21, 28
Mon/Thu​ 6 - 7pm​ Register​​ ​$60

Intro to Golf Clinic

This class is designed to teach the very basics of golf to beginner golfers. Learn how to make a tee time, find golf equipment, and learn the basics of the golf swing. This class is an entry level class for new golfers. Don't be intimidated by the game, learn the awesome aspects of golf. Rules and etiquette will also be taught in this class.

Date​ Day​ Time​ Registration​
Tex Consolver
April 17-19
Tue/Wed/Thu​ 5:30 - 7pm
Register​​ $60

Learn to Play Better Clinic

This class is solely focused on golf instruction. Each class will be devoted to a different aspect of golf instruction. Areas covered will be putting, chipping, irons, woods, course management, and rules. This class is for the intermediate golfer who is looking to improve in 2018.

Date​ Day​ Time​ Registration​
Tex Consolver
May 22-24
5:30 - 7pm​
Register $60​

Time to Tune Up Clinic

This clinic is designed to help any golfer looking to get their game in shape for 2018. So if your goal is to improve this year, come attend this clinic and get tips to help your golf game. Areas covered include: chipping, putting, long game, fairway shots, and Tee shots. Maybe you only need one little tip to straighten out your driver, well don't miss your opportunity to get instruction from a PGA Professional.

Date​ Day​ Time​ Registration​
Tex Consolver
September 6-27
6 - 7pm​
Register​​ $60​

Couples Lessons

​Learn the game of golf with beginner lessons! Each week you will focus on new skills and mechanics, while learning about equipment, etiquette, terminology and rules of the game in a simple, yet effective, format. Each session will be led by a PGA Professional, where you will be able to ask any questions about the game of golf. Sessions are five weeks. Each class is one hour.

​Class ​Course ​Date ​Day ​Time ​Registration ​Fee
Beginner ​L.W. Clapp June 6, 8, 13, 20, 27 Wed/Fri
​6 - 7pm Register​​
Advanced L.W. Clapp​ August 15, 17, 22, 29 & September 5 Wed/Fri
​6 - 7pm Register​​ ​$60

Ge​t Golf Ready

This program is targeted towards the beginner or novice player interested in learning more about the game of golf. Topics focus on the basis which are presented as five skill enhancement modules in the area of chipping, putting, swing dynamics, bunker play and score keeping. This is a small ​group environment limited to 8 students per session. One PGA Professional will lead each session. Sessions are five weeks. Each class is one hour and costs $80.

​Course ​Date ​Day ​Time Registration
​Tex Consolver ​September 7-28 ​Thu ​​6:30pm​​​ Cancelled​​

Drop-In Clinics

This is a great opportunity to recharge your golf batteries and fine tune your short and long game!

​Date ​Day ​Time ​Fee
​Arthur B. Sim ​April 19 Thu
6 - 7pm ​$10
​Arthur B. Sim May 23 ​Wed
6 - 7pm​​​ ​$10
​Arthur B. Sim June 19 ​Tue
6- 7pm ​​$10
​Arthur B. Sim July 11​ W​ed
6- 7pm​ ​$10

Free Lessons

Get hands-on instruction to improve your game by learning the basic techniques, terminology and etiquette of golf. Clinics are designed to help novice or experienced golfers with their game! Space is limited to 25 golfers and registration is required. Call the course where you want to reserve your spot.

​Course ​Date ​Day ​Time
Auburn Hills ​March 25, April 22, May 20
​3-4pm ​Call (316) 219-9700
​Tex Consolver ​August 19, September 16, October 21
​Call (316) 337-9494